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Derrick “DJ DS” Smith also known as Divine Struggle is the musical prodigal son. The seed of a musician father and technical mother, knew his musical calling at a young age. From singing to building his own drum set from any and everything around the house people knew he would be a special kid. As he got older, sports and girls pushed the music back but not the love.

Somewhere in the middle school/ high school timeframe DJ DS ran away from music not wanting to create anything due to frustration he had bottled up for years. 
In 2005, DS moved to Louisville, KY from his hometown of South Bend, IN to establish a better future for himself and his children. Battling depression and heartbreak in 2006 DJ DS began walking down that path back to music. He slowly began building his production studio The Cuttin’ Room under his Divine Struggle Productions banner. By 2010 DJ DS was officially back home with his music and began taking up the DJ craft in May of 2011 as a hobby.

Honing the craft on an NS7 and building a small fan base from djing small shows and parties. In 2012, DJ DS linked up with a great Hip Hop artist, RMLLW2LLZ and things really began to take off. Due to the growing popularity of the new combination, in 2014 DS felt he needed to get into more of the history and true elements of djing and picked up turntables.

The future is bright. The future is now.

The future is Divine and through the Struggle, I am DJ DS!

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